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SIMCO Drilling Equipment

SIMCO® Drilling Equipment, Inc. began designing and building all-hydraulic, long stroke, tophead drive drilling rigs in 1971 at our manufacturing facility located in Osceola, Iowa. Today, SIMCO drilling rigs, drilling rig equipment and water well equipment are working on every continent in the world. Backed by over 40 years of experience in the drilling industry, our drill rigs are used for water well drilling, geotechnical and environmental drilling, mineral exploration, geothermal wells, geothermal drilling, construction and utility work, and a wide range of other diverse applications.

Water Well Drilling Rigs

Our featured water well drilling rig is the SIMCO 7000. The 7000 is definitely the work horse of the SIMCO water well drilling rigs stable. With an auto indexing drill rod carousel (10 or 16 drill rod), the SIMCO 7000 is ideal geothermal drilling and water well drilling equipment. This state of the art drill rig will make short work of your geothermal drilling and water well drilling jobs.