Drilling News

At SIMCO, we like to keep the customer in mind, always. To that effect, we want to feature important drilling news regarding SIMCO, new advances and features of drilling rigs and equipment, and important industry related information. Please visit our drilling news page often for the latest updates and articles.



The name SIMCO® is synonymous with high-caliber drilling equipment around the globe. Since 1971 the firm has been manufacturing and supplying drill rigs for numerous drilling projects such as wells…Read More


Simco featured in World Wide Drilling Resource September 2011

SIMCO® manufactures drill rigs for customers all over the world. These rigs have a variety of uses, including water well, geothermal, environmental, probing, pavement coring and more. Read More


Simco featured in Compact Equipment May 2011

Vertical geothermal drilling is a developing and maturing market. With government incentives, a weak heating and air conditioning industry and an uneven economic recession, contractors are looking for ways to diversify their services portfolio, so perhaps vertical geothermal loops are an option for crews. Read More


Simco featured in National Driller September 2010

Everyone at SIMCO takes great pride in the quality of their work, knowing that taking care of customers doesn’t stop after they buy the drills. Read More


Simco featured in Compact Equipment February 2010

This smaller style of rig offers cost effective drilling matched to the size of the job, which makes it ideal for residential jobsite installations. Read More